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‘Rita’ Beaded Ornament Kit by The Glimmer Tree®

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Rita is a bold mix of violet and orange in a saucy swirled design. The colors sound like they won’t work, but they do! Lots of shades of purple and orange blend into a very tropical feel. This is a kit for you to make the ornament shown. This design is not for the beginner, but is not one of my more difficult kits. The kit includes the egg, ribbon, trim, pins, beads, sequins, detailed instructions, and a photo of the completed ornament. You will need, glue, scissors, a measuring tape, and needle and thread. Patience/Skill on a scale of 1-5: Patience – 3
Skill – 3

Congratulations on your new kit! Click on the link above to access the PDF instructions, as well as additional photos, for your kit. Your password will be required, which is located on the back of the photo provided in your kit. If you received a kit without a password, please email us at to obtain one.

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