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Miss Rose

Click on this link for Photos and Instructions!

“Miss Rose” was the first kit for the 2018 Christmas season, and quickly became a Glimmer Tree® favorite. The design starts with a soft white ball and then brightens things up with deep fuchsia, pink, black, and silver accents. This is a fairly easy design, but does have some detail work – so a little patience would be a good thing.
This is an ornament kit, which includes all the materials you need to create the finished product shown in the photos. The kit includes a 3″ satin-wrapped ball, pins, ribbon, trim, sequins, beads, detailed instructions, and a photo of the completed ornament. You will need scissors and glue. On a ratings scale of 1-5: Skill – 2
Patience – 2

Congratulations on your new kit! Click on the link above to access the PDF instructions, as well as additional photos, for your kit. Your password will be required, which is located on the back of the photo provided in your kit. If you received a kit without a password, please email us at to obtain one.