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Holly Berry

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‘Holly Berry’ Beaded Ornament Kit by The Glimmer Tree®

Available only on Etsy!

PDF Instructions with step-by-step photos available for download with password included in your kit.
This kit is best enjoyed by those who have some experience with this type of project.

Holly Berry is a very traditional Christmas ornament. With the same frills of it’s companion ornament, Lilac & Lace, Holly Berry has a definite Victorian-themed design. The bright green, red, gold, and white accents on a red ball create a striking design. A stunning presence on your tree! Both Lilac & Lace and Holly Berry are mid-level kits and some crafting experience would be a plus.

This is a kit for you to make the pictured ornament. The kit includes a 3″ red ball, ribbon, trim, pins, sequins, beads, directions for downloading the instructions, and a photo of the completed ornament. You will need craft glue, scissors, and a needle and thread. Patience/Skill on a scale of 1-5: Patience -3.5 Skill – 3.5

Your password will be required, which is located on the back of the photo provided in your kit. If you received a kit without a password, please email us at to obtain one.