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Deco’s Echo

“Deco’s Echo” Beaded Ornament Kit by The Glimmer Tree®

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An unusual design of almond, deep lilac, topaz, and antique gold, all on a topsy-turvy egg. Made to resemble an ornate wall sconce from the art deco period, this design will lend a unique flair to your ornament display. The design involves some bead work, but is not at all difficult. A good kit for all but the newest beginner.
The kit includes a 3″ almond egg, ribbon, trim, pins, beads, sequins, detailed instructions, and a photo of the completed ornament. You will need scissors, craft glue, and a needle and thread. Patience/Skill on a scale of 1-5: Patience – 2.5 Skill – 2.5

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