Here you will find gorgeous beaded ornament kits made from original designs. Our kits take an ordinary silk-wrapped ornament

and show you how to turn it into a work of art! Each finished ornament will be a stunning addition to your holiday decorations

– or an impressive gift for a loved one.

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Looking for something different?

For the beaded ornament aficionado, searching for a
design that doesn’t look like six other ornaments
already on your tree can be rather frustrating. We at
The Glimmer Tree have worked hard to provide you
with some creative and unusual designs that will spark
your interest and get those creative juices flowing!


New to Ornament Kits?

Not to worry! Each of our kits has been given an Experience and
Patience rating so that you know before you buy just what you’re
getting yourself into:
1. Great for Beginners
2. Fun for Everyone
3. Some Experience Recommended
4. Getting Pretty Tricky
5. Experience Required
There are plenty of kits for all skill levels, and more are being
added every month.